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Kathleen Hays: Levy: Fed's System of Estimating and Communicating Dots Needs Changes

Hoover Visiting Scholar Says Scenario Analysis, Taylor Rule Benchmark Will Help. Welcome to Central Bank Central. I'm Kathleen Hays. Tomorrow, the Federal Reserve will start its two-day policy meeting. There's no move expected on interest rates at this point. Inflation really running just under 3% year over year. It's way lower than last year. However, it's still far from the Fed's 2% target. So with that... What are the markets watching? What are policymakers around the world watching? They're watching the Fed's dot plot. This is the way the Fed has been signaling for some years now what its participants see as the likely path of rates in the current year and beyond. They're kind of under a bit of debate now, so I'm very happy to welcome to Central Bank Central again, Mickey Levy. He is a member of the Shad Open Market Committee. He's a visiting scholar at the Hoover Institution, and he has done a lot of work this year.

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Posted: June 10, 2024 Monday 03:59 PM