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11/15/2019Grace-Marie Turner: Three Cheers for Transparency
11/12/2019Sally Pipes: How Big-Box Retailers Can Revitalize Rural Health Care
11/11/2019Jared Bernstein: Life and death ... and Medicaid
11/10/2019Justin Fox: What Decades of (Sometimes Dodgy) Dietary Advice Made Us Do
11/02/2019Grace-Marie Turner: There’s No Choice But To Move On With Health Reform
10/30/2019John Goodman: Where Democrats Go Wrong On Pre-existing Conditions
10/29/2019Grace-Marie Turner: Senate Dems Want To Stop State Innovation That Is Improving Access To Health Coverage
10/28/2019Sally Pipes: Bernie Sanders Was Lucky He Didn’t Have His Heart Attack In A Single-Payer System
10/28/2019Robert VerBruggen: Health Care -- Public Option Single Payer Threat Endures
10/25/2019Rahm Emanuel: Someone needs to say it, Medicare-for-all is a pipe dream
10/24/2019Charles Blahous: How the Urban Institute’s Estimates of 'Medicare for All’ Costs Stack Up Against Mine
10/17/2019Chuck Grassley and Ron Wyden: Congress Can Act Now to Lower Drug Prices
10/11/2019Grace-Marie Turner: Surprise Billing Answers
10/11/2019James Capretta: Trump's Lightweight Alternative to Medicare for All
10/10/2019Tom Coburn: Here's why price transparency can revolutionize health care
10/09/2019Betsy McCaughey: How NY’s hospital lobby leaves 'superbugs’ free to spread
10/09/2019Sally Pipes: Business Leaders Should Crunch the Numbers On Medicare for All
10/03/2019Charles Silver and David Hyman: A Supercenter for Medicine
10/02/2019Betsy McCaughey: The right way to fix health insurance
10/02/2019John Goodman: What's Wrong with Private Health Insurance?
09/27/2019Grace-Marie Turner: Cost Is The Issue
09/26/2019Avik Roy: How Arbitration For Surprise Medical Bills Leads To Runaway Costs & Higher Premiums
09/21/2019Betsy McCaughey: Democrats are dancing around the real health care problem
09/17/2019Betsy McCaughey: Democrats’ biggest health care lies
09/17/2019Jared Bernstein: Democrats and health-care reform: How to get there from here
09/16/2019Sally Pipes: Obamacare Drives Hospital Consolidation, Raising Prices For Patients
09/11/2019Chris Pope: Be Grateful for Your Health-Insurance Company
09/11/2019Brian Blase: Census Bureau Health-Insurance Data Highlights Trump Administration Health-Care Reforms
09/04/2019Ezekiel Emanuel: No one likes surprise medical bills. So why does congressional action seem so unlikely?
09/03/2019Betsy McCaughey: The hidden perils of drugs imported from China
08/26/2019Charles Blahous: The Costs of Medicare for All Are Rising Already
08/25/2019Scott Gottlieb: Don’t Give Up on Biosimilars—Congress Can Give Them a Boost
08/20/2019John Goodman: Ending Surprise Medical Bills: The Very Good, The Good And The Ugly
08/19/2019Sally Pipes: A President Harris Would Mean Good-Bye To Private Insurance
08/14/2019Chris Pope: The Case Against the Cadillac Tax
08/13/2019Betsy McCaughey: America’s biggest cancer killer: government failing on screenings
08/13/2019John Goodman: We Already Know What The Trump Health Plan Is
08/07/2019John Goodman: Kamala Harris Has a Good Health-Care Idea
08/06/2019Betsy McCaughey: 'Medicare for All’ is a dire threat to Medicare for retirees
08/05/2019Sally Pipes: Judge Delivers A Big Victory For Affordable Health Care
08/02/2019Ezekiel Emanuel: Democrats Are Having the Wrong Health Care Debate
07/31/2019Avik Roy: Trump And The Senate Make Significant Progress On Hospital Price Transparency
07/30/2019Betsy McCaughey: Where Does Biden Stand On Cancer Screening?
07/30/2019Scott Gottlieb: The CBD craze is getting out of hand. The FDA needs to act.
07/30/2019Chris Conover: Responsible National Health Insurance Part 2: The Purple Health Plan Would Be A Solid Step Forward
07/30/2019Marc Siegel: The 2020 election and opposing views on health care reform
07/30/2019Chris Conover: The Path To Responsible National Health Insurance Part 1: BernieCare Is Irresponsibility On Steroids
07/24/2019Seema Verma: A public option for health insurance is a terrible idea
07/24/2019Scott Atlas: The fraud of single-payer health care
07/22/2019Grace-Marie Turner: Budget Deal Landmines