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11/08/2021Sally Pipes: U.S. Bureaucrats Are An Impediment To Pandemic Recovery
10/25/2021Sally Pipes: Single-Payer Will Worsen Healthcare Workers' Plight
10/19/2021Sally Pipes: Democrats’ Drug Pricing Reforms Aren’t What They Seem
10/11/2021Sally Pipes: Mixed Messaging On Boosters Leaves Americans Dazed And Confused
10/10/2021Allysia Finley: Who Slowed Merck’s Covid Remedy?
10/07/2021Marty Makary: The FDA Can Save Thousands of Lives Today
09/27/2021Sally Pipes: As Democrats Push Single-Payer, Brits Hope To Escape It
09/21/2021Brian Blase: The Next Medicaid Blowout
09/20/2021Jeffrey Sachs: Vaccine Producers Must Step Up
09/16/2021Joseph Ladapo: Vaccine Mandates Can’t Stop Covid’s Spread
09/13/2021Marty Makary: Covid Confusion at the CDC
09/13/2021Sally Pipes: Democrats' Latest Attempt To Expand Medicare Would Hurt Seniors
09/12/2021Scott Gottlieb: A Second Major Seasonal Virus Won’t Leave Us Any Choice
09/10/2021Joel Zinberg: Delta is Dying
08/30/2021Sally Pipes: Budget Reconciliation Bill's Healthcare Provisions Are Disastrous
08/20/2021Amy Finkelstein: That $56,000 Drug? Blame Medicare.
08/04/2021Jay Bhattacharya and Donald Boudreaux: Eradication of Covid Is a Dangerous and Expensive Fantasy
07/30/2021Sally Pipes: Medicare And Medicaid Turn 56 Today. That's Not Exactly Cause For Celebration.
07/28/2021Betsy McCaughey: Why are health agencies hiding deadly infection raging in hospitals?
07/26/2021Joel Zinberg: A Defeat for Dr. Leviathan
07/22/2021Chris Pope: ObamaCare 2.0 is a big funding deal
07/19/2021Marty Makary: The Flimsy Evidence Behind the CDC’s Push to Vaccinate Children
07/19/2021Sally Pipes: FDA Foot-Dragging On Vaccines Is Unfortunately No Surprise
07/13/2021Marty Makary: The U.S. is far too fixated on vaccinating Americans. It must focus on the world.
07/10/2021Brian Blase: Washington setting drug prices would be a disaster for American health care
07/06/2021Sally Pipes: Stop The Bid To Expand Medicare
06/27/2021Niall Ferguson: Get Ready to Live With Covid’s Hassles Forever
06/21/2021Sally Pipes: How The Private Sector Can Help Address The Doctor Shortage
06/18/2021John Goodman: Supreme Court Punts On Obamacare. Now, Congress Must Act.
06/14/2021Bill Emmott: Herd Immunity Is Closer Than You Think
06/13/2021Scott Jennings: Intermittent fasting: How it helped me lose weight, improved my health
06/10/2021Chris Pope: Interstate competition could make healthcare more affordable
06/08/2021Marty Makary: The Power of Natural Immunity
06/03/2021Jeffrey Tucker: Anthony Fauci's Shockingly Obtuse E-Mails to Michael Gerson
05/24/2021Sally Pipes: Government Health Insurance: An Offer Businesses Should Refuse
05/24/2021Ezekiel Emanuel and Govind Persad: This Is the Wrong Way to Distribute Badly Needed Vaccines
05/23/2021Scott Gottlieb: Beat Tomorrow’s Pandemic Today
05/21/2021Marty Makary: Risk of COVID is now very low — it's time to stop living in fear
05/14/2021Michael Spence: Vaccine Licensing, Production, and Global Distribution
05/05/2021Scott Atlas: Let’s Finally Fix Health Care for Minorities and the Poor
05/03/2021Shantanu Nundy and Marty Makary: Businesses could sorely use guidance on bringing workers back to the office. Where’s the CDC?
04/30/2021Sally Pipes: Ignore Democrats' dead-end health care ideas
04/27/2021Betsy McCaughey: The CDC’s reign of error has done incalculable harm to America
04/23/2021Sally Pipes: What Health-Care Affordability Crisis?
04/19/2021John Goodman: The Health Problem Congress Created And Cannot Solve
04/14/2021Greg Ip: J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Pause Poses Another Test for Balancing Pandemic Risks
04/13/2021Jay Bhattacharya: Masks for Children, Muzzles for Covid-19 News
04/12/2021Sally Pipes: Sanders Proposal Brings Medicare Closer To The Brink Of Collapse
04/09/2021Thomas Price: Affordable Care Act, 11 years later, is still giving us harmful side effects
04/08/2021John Goodman: Mark Cuban’s Health Plan