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05/22/2024Norbert Michel: The Federal Government Should Not Subsidize Second Mortgages
05/21/2024Greg Ip: The U.S. Finally Has a Strategy to Compete With China. Will It Work?
05/20/2024Jim Geraghty: Trump vs. Biden, in One Simple Chart
05/17/2024Michael Spence: Crunch Time for the Power Sector
05/17/2024Ken Roberts: Fastest-Growing U.S. Airport, Seaport, Border Crossing In 2024
05/17/2024Preston Cooper: Is College Worth It? That’s The Wrong Question
05/16/2024Dan Katz: Janet Yellen’s Risky Debt-Management Business
05/13/2024Oren Cass: It’s conservatives that should be storming the ivory tower
05/13/2024Wayne Crews: Confronting A Surge In Costly Federal Rules
05/10/2024Steven Malanga: Gimme (Government) Shelter
05/10/2024Steven Greenhut: California's Leaders Still Ignoring State Pension Debt
05/09/2024Jeb Hensarling: The FDIC’s Campaign Against Fintech Companies
05/07/2024James Lynch: Judge Indefinitely Postpones Trump’s Classified Documents Trial
05/07/2024Robert Bryce: What The Media Won’t Tell You About The Energy Transition
05/02/2024Veronique de Rugy: The FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program Should End
05/02/2024Brian Riedl: Raising the Tax Cap Cannot Save Social Security
05/02/2024Veronique de Rugy: How California's Ban on Diesel Locomotives Could Have Major National Repercussions
05/01/2024Robert Bryce: Build It, And The Wind Won’t Come
04/26/2024Dan Katz and Erik Jacobs: Stop Draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
04/25/2024Adam Millsap: Biden’s Regulatory Onslaught Will Hurt The States That Do Not Adapt
04/25/2024Veronique de Rugy: Congress Yet Again Abuses 'Emergency Spending' for Non-Emergency Purposes
04/23/2024Phil Gramm and Mike Solon: Who Pays Corporate Taxes? Look in the Mirror
04/22/2024Preston Cooper: Latest Loan Cancellation Announcement Won’t Fix Deeper Issues
04/18/2024Veronique de Rugy: This Tax Week, Remember That the Federal Income Tax Is Relatively New
04/17/2024Norbert Michel: The Bank Secrecy Act Is A Bigger Threat Than FISA
04/11/2024Veronique de Rugy: Say No to This: America's Fiscal Norms Are in Decline
04/11/2024Brian Riedl: Don’t Bust the Cap: Problems with Eliminating the Social Security Tax Cap
04/10/2024Preston Cooper: Biden’s New Student Loan Cancellation Plan Is Bigger Than You Think
04/09/2024Steven Malanga: Earmark Madness
04/05/2024Steven Greenhut: What the Biden Administration Could Learn From California's Attempt To Ban Independent Contracting
04/04/2024Abigail Anthony: Princeton’s 'Inclusive Private Club’ Reverses Policy
04/04/2024Veronique de Rugy: Politicians Are Showering Manufacturing Companies With Crony Subsidies for 'Job Creation.' It Won't Work.
04/03/2024Mick Mulvaney: How Biden’s regulations are driving up inflation
04/02/2024Andrew McCarthy: Big Day for Trump’s Presidential Records Act Defense in Florida Federal Prosecution
04/02/2024John Barrasso and Russ Duerstine: Biden’s War on Energy Is Bad for America and Her Allies
03/31/2024Review & Outlook: Biden’s Order: Let There Be Electric Trucks
03/30/2024Preston Cooper: The Education Department Has Failed Its Obligations to America’s Students
03/29/2024Peter Earle: Biden’s 'Strike Force’ Recalls Nixon’s Economic Plan
03/25/2024Judge Glock: Biden’s Housing Plan Will Backfire
03/22/2024Adam Millsap: The Affordable Care Act Has Not Been Affordable For Taxpayers
03/21/2024Veronique de Rugy: An Alternative to Doing Nothing about Foreign Subsidies
03/07/2024John Goodman: What’s Wrong With The U.S. Welfare State?
03/04/2024Christopher Rufo: Giving DEI the Pink Slip
03/03/2024Adam Millsap and Tedford Tyler: How Trade Can Help the U.S. Beat China
02/29/2024Paul Vallas: Removing the Police from Chicago Schools Puts Students at Risk
02/29/2024Preston Cooper: Two Recent Reports Reveal The High Cost Of Degree Inflation
02/27/2024Brian Blase: Much Larger Medicaid Program Likely A Lasting Effect From Pandemic
02/27/2024Adam Millsap: How States Can Help More People Find Meaningful Work
02/27/2024Harold James: The Financial March to War
02/20/2024J.T. Young: Mr. President, take responsibility: 'Bidenomics’ led to 'Biden-flation’